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Your Data...Discover...Cleanse...Migrate...Manage.

DMC2 transforms your, and your organization's ability to commit to, and execute, major data management initiatives and projects without necessarily having to draft in extra fact you will be amazed at what you can achieve...all you need is a good working knowledge of MS Excel.

Accelerate Data Management Iniriatives

A powerful and cost effective suite of applications that empowers the Information and Data Managers within your organization to actively manage their own data structures, system and custom category and attribute metadata, records information, and permissions...without the need for SQL, XML skills or the DBA involvement.

  • Would you really like to see new and simpler ways to re-organize and re-structure your Content Server data and metadata...easily?

  • Would you like to be able to extract, cleanse and migrate data from your file server environment to Content Server...easily?

  • Would you like to empower your business groups to cleanse and manage their own content and metadata...easily?

  • Do you really want to see new, simpler tools and processes for populating your Records Management data in Content Server?

  • Do you want to see new, and , tools and processes for managing permissions on complex structures?

Join us for one our or request a focused session for your own organization to see it demonstrated from our on-line server...where you can ask questions and get answers relevant to your specific requirements.

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