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The Value Opportunities...

The opportunities for you to drive value for your organization with this product across a wide spectrum of OpenText Content Server Data Management activities.

If your organization or team are involved in projects or initiatives that include any of the areas below this product will deliver value in short time...without the need for additional or technical resources.

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Legacy Data Migration

Discover, cleanse, classify and load high volume data from your fileserver environment to 'Livelink' Enterprise Content Server

Metadata Management

Manage system and custom metadata - apply, extract, edit and update system and custom category attributes...easily

Object Management

Restructuring - Create high volume data sets easily and move, copy, delete or export high volume object set from, to and within complex folder structures

Records Management

Load, apply, extract, edit and update your Content Server Record Management Information and metadata...easily

Object Permissions Management

Extract, edit and update permissions for groups and/or user on complex object minutes

Email Management

Dealing with the legacy email issue - extract, discover, cleanse and migrate legacy PST file content to Content Server

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